How high is too high? Our Adidas extreme sports experience invites athletes and geeks alike to experience the world from new heights - the peak of mount Delicatessen.

The Challenge

VR is everywhere, and now it’s climbed its way to the top of Delicatessen, the highest peak of the Bavellas mountain range, on the island of Corsica.

Adidas approached Somewhere Else because they wanted a VR experience that captures the thrill of extreme outdoor climbing. To showcase TERREX, Adidas’ line of outdoor sports gear, we created a product that is synonymous with adventure. Whether you run, bike or climb - only the right pair of shoes, most adaptable apparel and best suited accessories can help push you beyond your limits.

Together with Adidas, Somewhere Else challenged customers to push the limits of their imagination, and propelled them into the shoes of extreme athletes Ben and Delaney, which we delivered in an experiential setting.

What we did

Ben Rueck and Delaney Miller, two accomplished climbers who are different in their styles and experiences with rock climbing, share the passion for challenge and for pushing themselves to the limit. Delaney is an exceptionally graceful climber recognized for her success on the competition circuit, while Ben is a multi-disciplined expedition climber known for first ascents around the world.

Thanks to creative agency Ludwig, we used Google’s next-generation Jump VR camera rig to film the Bavellas in 360 degrees. We collaborated with renowned climber and photographer, Jeff Rueppel, who got his hands dirty on the multipitch climb to film our athletes.

We complemented the 360 stereoscopic videos with layers of interactive CG elements. Users could switch to a bird’s eye perspective and observe the entire climbing route, while appreciating the scenery. This added an interesting layer of storytelling, where the characters and the landscape concurrently shape the user experience.

In capturing the adventure, we wanted to inject the same adrenaline rush felt by most outdoor climbers, and extreme sports junkies. At the end of the experience, audiences are given the chance to virtually step into the shoes of Adidas athletes and take on the granite mammoth that is Delicatessen.

The Impact

Today, we mostly do extreme sports in controlled environments. The aim was to capture the expedition to Corsica, led by Ben and Delaney. We used VR to capture their personal journey and bring it all to life in an experiential setting. Visitors of the TERREX retail store can feel the strain of being up against the climbing wall and the ecstatic rush of reaching the mountaintop - from the safety and comfort of an Adidas store.

The TERREX ‘Delicatessen’ experience features on the HTC Vive, complete with a designed set as part of the installation. It will run over several month in China, the US and Germany.

Our experience was showcased at the ‘2017 GMM’: the international Global Marketing Meeting of 800 Adidas executives in Germany.





Ludwig, BYO

CG Studio


Sound & Music

1.618 Digital



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