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We helped Pro-Ject make Budweiser the most talked-about brand at the AB InBev European Sales Conference.

The Challenge

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the largest brewer in the world and makes many of the UK's best-loved drinks including Budweiser, Stella Artois, etc. They organised a large conference to allow their top executives to experience the group’s best brands and latest innovations.

Selling one of America’s most iconic beers to a bunch of senior brewery executives shouldn’t be hard to do. But with so many great brands and innovations on offer at the annual AB InBev European Sales Conference, we needed a clever way to put Budweiser top of mind.

There’d be limited floor space at the event, and we didn’t have much production time to work with. So how could we make the ‘king of beers’ stand out?

What we did

Our partners at Chicago-based experiential agency Pro-Ject had previously created a hugely successful Budweiser activation at SXSW festival.

We set out to recreate the experience with them in the UK, sourcing production materials, assisting in the build of the experiential stand, training local brand ambassadors and co-running the whole day’s event.

The 4D Immersive Brewery tour  invited guests to put on a headset and be transported on a multi-sensory journey to Budweiser's St. Louis facility.

During the four-minute 360 film, visitors walked through the factory, whiffed hops, touched strips of beechwood and, finally, tasted what the beer was all about.

The Impact

We helped tell the story of the Budweiser brewing process, immersing participants in the richness of the brewery’s character and heritage. In the busy environment, crowded by other sister brands, it was an approach that really cut through.

In fact, over 90% of the executives took part, strapping Gear VRs to their heads and tempting their taste buds at the St. Louis brewery.







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