Last Mission To Paris (by Exzeb)


What's it like to be a secret agent? Our first-person-POV experience invited fans of a French TV show to find out.

The Challenge

For the launch of Season 2 of award-winning police drama series Le Bureau des Legendes, French broadcast giant Canal+ wanted to create something special, to reward existing fans - and captivate new ones.

So we asked, how can we use VR to help fans experience their favourite show in a totally new way?

The Answer? Give them a starring role.

What we did

We partnered with French cinema production house Bridges and film director Julien Bittner to achieve the ultimate dream of any TV series fan: Becoming The Hero of the show!

We wanted viewers to have the chance to experience the action first hand, through the eyes of an aspiring counter-terrorism agent. So we created one of the world’s first first-person-POV VR series spin-offs that took them directly into the heart of the show.  

We innovated with customised POV filming rigs, to increase camera stability and facilitate the post-production of scenes shot in movement and with multiple characters, which resulted in sharper shots and a truly immersive experience.

The action took place on the actual set of the show, with the real cast – including award-winning actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz – and fans could carry out their own secret assignment through the alluring streets of Paris.

The Impact

Broadcast on the Canal+ Facebook and YouTube channels, the Canal+ app and a dedicated microsite, the uniquely cinematic experience brought fans closer to the show, fuelling their anticipation for the second season.

900k views on social media
2nd Grand Prix de I'lnnovation Digitale
1st European VR spin-off of a TV show



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