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How did France Télévisions create the world’s first mixed reality escape room experience?

The Brief

French broadcaster France Télévisions wanted to promote the launch of Season 2 of their TV drama series, Witnesses (“Les Témoins”). We partnered with French studio Exzeb to create a virtual reality experience that puts audiences at the heart of the action.

The plot? Emilie has been kidnapped, abused and tortured. She gave birth to her captor’s baby in a basement, who kidnapped her son, fled and left Emilie to die somewhere.


Our Approach

We designed a groundbreaking escape room where two players collaborate across time & space dimensions to save Emilie.

To do so, both players step into a (real) set recreation of the basement where Emilie was held. One player explores the physical space, whilst their partner - fitted with an HTC Vive - enters Emilie’s tortured mind in VR. To find Emilie, players need to communicate & interact with objects in both the real and virtual realms until both realities become inextricably locked together...

Work together. Solve the mystery. Save Emilie.

The Result

  • First experience to integrate virtual reality in a cooperative escape room.
  • Escape was sold-out for the entire duration of the four-month campaign.
  • Received high-profile media attention from the likes of The Drum and Le Journal du Geek.



Cinétévé / France Télévisions

VR Lead


Interactive Development

Alter Equals

Physical Installation


Interactive Web



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