Thoughtful Home


A home that looks after itself – and you. That’s the concept we conveyed through VR for this leading smart home appliances retailer.

The Challenge

The European smart-homes market is expected to reach $15.5 billion by 2020. But the perception many homeowners have of the technology is not so hot.

Although strongly promising, the category suffers from a reputation of being expensive, complex and reserved for a tech-savvy crowd. Indeed, the day-to-day value of smart home products for the customer is difficult to communicate in a store, not to mention online...

Euronics, Europe’s second largest home appliances retailer, wanted to change this.

So they asked us to use VR to drive category awareness and purchase consideration for their range of smart home products.

What we did

Working together, we designed a strategy for pinpointing the key psychological factors that stop people buying smart appliances.

Then we came up with a way to bring the benefits of these appliances home to ordinary buyers.

We wanted to maximise the emotional and visual impact the concept of a smart home could have on our target audience; 40+ working couples.

So we created a window to a new world of comfort and indulgence. A CG VR experience that humanises the smart home, turning it into a caring entity that pampers and learns about those who live in it.

The Impact

In Q1 2017, the film will be launched 30+ pilot stores to coincide with Euronics’ new Smart Home store sections. This means turning the experience – available in-store on Samsung Gear VR headsets – into a multi-product marketing tool (not least because Euronics also sell the headsets).

Because Thoughtful Home leads users gently through scenarios that illustrate how an intelligent network of smart appliances can make their lives easier, safer and more eco-conscious, the experience is designed to help staff at Euronics points of sale engage customers and boost category sales.

A dedicated microsite, where users can experience a 360 tour of the CG house, will extend the brand’s reach to desktops and tablets.

360 film & website
30+ VR stations deployed in shops
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