How could ExxonMobil stand out at trade shows? By showing their oil analysis service is more than a ‘must-have’ for businesses. It’s peace of mind.

The Challenge

ExxonMobil is the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company. Like many companies of its size, it showcases its innovations to authorised distributors and purchase-decision makers at global trade fairs.

Our friends at Brussels-based communications agency Air came to us with the challenge of creating a piece of experiential VR content for ExxonMobil at several of these fairs.

The concept needed to showcase the benefits of their revamped lab service – Mobil Serv Oil Analysis (MSLA) – and, in doing so, humanise the process of oil testing.

What we did

Digging deep into our target-audience’s psychology, and through a couple of consultancy sessions, we learned that all major brands competing in oil analysis technology did so solely on the basis of quality.

So we chose an emotive approach to differentiate ExxonMobil’s service. We created content around a ‘reasons to believe’ theme that would highlight how the MSLA program brings peace of mind to highly trained engineers, helping to shape their distinct lifestyles.

We scripted an industrial success case of a wind turbine that improved its process efficiency and reduced waste through MSLA. To bring this ‘proof of performance’ to life, we flew to the ExxonMobil lab in Rotterdam to film skilled technicians collecting oil samples for testing and monitoring.

Next we popped down to Antwerp, with our crew and drone team, and captured – at an altitude of 200m – the maintenance routine of electrical engineers, grabbing some beautiful aerial shots of the wind farm while we were up there.

The Impact

The hybrid 360 experience, paired with motion graphic segments that highlighted ExxonMobil’s scan-and-go technology, will be showcased in 2017, on Samsung Gear VR headsets, at various trade fairs around the world, and place MSLA in context, serving as both a product demo and an immersive case study.





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