Fiery City


For Coming Soon, a Belgian footwear concept store, we produced Fiery City, a 360 film celebrating the city of Liege’s modern urban subcultures and growing creative movements.

The Challenge

Coming Soon is more than just a store. It’s a lifestyle. A meeting point for modern footwear, fashion, wearable tech, design, creativity, culture – and the people who bind it all together.

With their new concept store due to open in Liege (Belgium), this fast growing brick-and-mortar and online retailer contacted us for ideas.

How could we help get the word out about their identity to their target audience in a way that did justice to the originality of their brand?

What we did

Fashion is all about community. Working closely with Coming Soon’s founder, we discovered that the brand’s target audience founded their sense of community in shared pride. Pride both in their city’s stunning, rich heritage and in its contemporary identity.

We decided to celebrate the city by showcasing its most beautiful and vibrant aspects, and to bind the Coming Soon story with that sense of identity.

Taking our crew down to a handful of special locations in Liege, we organised some 360 shoots alongside the local community.

These comprised  aerial shots – including a stunning one inside the cathedral – and a pitch-side spot as supremely popular Liege Football Club played the local derby game.

The Impact

The film was shown to the public, at the opening of the concept store, in a custom-made room-size shoe box, inside of which a few Samsung Gear VRs were set up. The installation remained there for several weeks.

“It got the store buzzing with people and positive energy. The launch was a smashing success financially but what really mattered is that the VR experience turned my customer base into a community, and that’s invaluable!” 

Geoffrey Henrard, Founder of Coming Soon



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