Dynamic Risk Assessment


How do companies assess risk in a complex world?

The Brief

KPMG’s Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) was developed by a KPMG team of data scientists, mathematicians and economists. It is an evolution in risk assessment that applies KPMG proprietary methodology to identify, connect and visualize risk in four-dimensions.

Our job was to communicate the history, mechanics and benefits of the DRA model to internal stakeholders and clients. The challenge truly consisted in turning a lengthy description of a product born out of actuarial theories, complex algorithms and advanced data and analytics into an experience that was accurate, engaging and memorable.

What We Did

Our experience had to be as innovative as the product itself whilst serving as an educational tool for prospect clients. KPMG's DRA model is designed to be 3-dimensional and dynamic.

Therefore, combining rich 3D animations with archive footage, we were able to facilitate understanding of the model's inner workings whilst replacing it in its historical context.

Additionally, we enrolled Andries Terblanché, KPMG’s Global Lead of DRA, as our holographic tour guide to bring forward the firm's key strength: its unmatched level of human expertise in that field.





Black Label Creative

CG Studio


Sound & Music

1618 Digital



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