Ghost Train


A ghost-train ride like you've never experienced. That's the thrillingly spooky way Samsung was able to demonstrate the magic of its Gear VR headset.

The Challenge

Our friends at experiential agency, Undercurrent, were tasked with creating a month long memorable roadshow to promote Samsung’s smartphone-compatible VR headset – the Gear VR.

Following record pre-orders for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung Electronics Europe was pushing their headsets into the market. However, an upsurge of adoption in the European mobile VR market entails aggressive competition with the release of headsets like Google Daydream, Zeiss One, etc.

Our challenge was to devise an immersive piece of content for the experiential roadshow. We needed to create something that customers could experience for themselves. It also had to be something that would encourage potential B2B distributors to take up the technology and become Gear VR ambassadors.

What we did

When Undercurrent came to us with the idea of a ‘Ghost Train’ animation, we knew that it would be an opportunity to express ourselves creatively  – and to push the limits of the headset’s visual capability.

We also knew that it’d give us the chance to program a series of 4D motion platforms that’d make the experience as realistic and sensory as possible.

We had four weeks to do the work. So we pre-visualised the film, developed it in a modular fashion, and, at the same time, started testing the haptic parameters of the platforms to ensure believability of components such as the vibration of the rails and sudden drops.

Here's a little taste!

The Impact

Samsung ran the roadshow in six cities across the UK. Thanks to a little extra technical management from our team, excited customers were totally immersed in the experience, while knowledgeable brand ambassadors told them more about the product.








Motion Platforms

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