Somewhere Else

Accelerating Business Transformation through Immersive Technologies

At the heart of the best-performing organisations is a spirit of innovation.

Somewhere Else is a London-based immersive technologies innovation agency. Working with daring brands and organisations, we’re on a mission to generate commercial and operational value through augmented, mixed and virtual reality.

With Somewhere Else Solutions, our enterprise arm, we are reimagining learning, service design and corporate communications to accelerate business transformation.

Somewhere Else Studios, our storytelling arm, enables global brands to build meaningful relationships with their audiences through purposeful immersive experiences.



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Somewhere Else Solutions

We are on a mission to accelerate business transformation with immersive technologies. From consulting to product development, we work hand-in-hand with forward-thinking organisations to design, produce and deploy Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions in immersive learning, service design and corporate communications.

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For leaders and organisations, understanding the potential and limitations of immersive technologies increasingly matters. Through audits, workshops and demo days, we help our clients acquire the knowledge necessary to devise their immersive tech strategies confidently.

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Prototyping / Idea Accelerator

Innovation is often found at the edges of technology. Short, nimble innovation sprints allow daring organisations to unlock new competitive advantages. Through a fixed-cost/fixed-timeline process, we help our client rapidly prototype & test innovative solutions.

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Somewhere Else Studios

We work with brands who believe in the value of building deeper relationships with their audiences. Together we translate your marketing challenges and brand universe into memorable experiences. Choosing the right platform for your audience, we deliver across the entire AR/VR/MR spectrum.
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