Delivering behavioral change in the workplace at scale with VR & AI.

Why it Matters

Automation, big data, global integration and social-demographic upheaval: the pace of change in the World of Work is accelerating. Big organisations are facing their biggest HR challenge in decades as they must quickly reskill or upskill vast portions or their workforce.
To develop smart, collaborative and self-directed employees, more businesses across every industry are focusing their efforts on changing the way people think & do, rather than what they know. Yet, E-learning formats are not adapted to soft skills training and deploying roleplay-based coaching at scale is costly and impractical.
Upskilling global workforces has always been a grueling challenge. Until now.

"93% of managers feel they need more soft skills training."

Globoforce, 2017

"67% of recruiters have withheld a job offer due to a lack of soft skills."

West Monroe Partners, 2017

“We will all need creative visions for how our lives are organized and valued in the future, in a world where the role and meaning of work start to shift.”

McKinsey Global Institute, 2017

How It Works

BODYSWAPS® is a soft skills simulator that leverages embodied VR & conversational AI to put users in realistic workplace simulations. With BODYSWAPS®, we're on a mission to make the workplace a better place by empowering every employee to become the best version of themselves, fast, and without harming others in the process.

1. Meet your new body


Pick a VR avatar and step into your new body.

2. Take the Brief


Get briefed about the workplace scenario you're in.

3. Meet your Virtual Colleague


Listen to your Virtual Colleague and assess the situation.

4. Respond


Answer, in your own words, using your voice and body language.

5. Swap


Swap bodies and watch yourself back from another perspective.

6. Analyse & share


Access behavioral & semantics analytics, get personalised tips and share your performance.




With SME-written scripts, professional acting and unlimited environments, eliminate the distance between training and reality


Engaging & memorable

Deliver high-impact experiential learning through powerful storytelling and full interactive immersion



Deliver training at scale and save on logistical and productivity costs by increasing the learner’s capacity to practice soft skills remotely



Create sustained behavioral change by giving employees a never-seen-before perspective of how they act in specific situations


Measured & Personalised

Leverage AI-powered analytics to get personalised recommendations and improve



From set-up to onboarding to maintenance, benefit from our implementation team's support

Use Cases

BODYSWAPS® can be deployed across a range of learning & development areas including Leadership, D&I, HR or Sales.

Situational Leadership
Performance Management
Conflict Management
Body Language Awareness
Sexual Harassment
Job Interview
Public Speaking
Intercultural Competence
Unconscious Bias Awareness
Team Management

Case Studies

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