Somewhere Else at CREA: Digital Day 2018

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Hussein Khalil Communications Director

All Things Digital

On January 19th, the INSEEC group and CREA Business School hosted the 9th edition of CREA Digital Day. We met with international experts at the historic Théatre du Léman in Geneva and engaged in real, practical discussions about all things digital.

Words and Story Worlds

There, we heard from Anne Kjaer Riechert, whose ReDI school helps refugees overcome social barriers with tech. We also caught up with Ronald Menzel, co-founder of Dreamscape Immersive, on the future of Cinematic VR. Christophe Mallet, co-founder of Somewhere Else, insisted that impact - not repetition - can deeply influence consumer behavior. VR gives people presence in moments they'll remember, and creators shouldn't take advantage of that with gimmicks.

In an interview with 20 minutes, Christophe explains how Somewhere Else sets clear goals to create purposeful experiences and designs story worlds that maximise audience experience. Watch the full talk to learn how immersive tech powers strategy in the Age of Experience.


FITC 2018: Immersive Tech. Experience Design. Cool Sh!t.

We'll be at FITC 2018 in Amsterdam this February to share our thoughts on the immersive tech industry. Co-founder Christophe Mallet will give a talk on Immersive Tech in the Age of Experience. view project
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