FITC 2018: Immersive Tech. Experience Design. Cool Sh!t.

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Hussein Khalil Communications Director

Get Ready for the Age of Experience

FITC 2018: Immersive Tech

Great news everyone! We'll be at FITC 2018 in Amsterdam this February to share our thoughts on the immersive tech industry. Co-founder Christophe Mallet will give a talk on Immersive Tech in the Age of Experience, and answer questions like Why does audience experience (AX) design matter? Why and how does ‘presence’ produce an impact on audiences? What role does storytelling play in immersive media?
Creators need to recognise the shift in modern storytelling. We’re moving away from linear stories into the realm of world-building. Stop showing content to passive spectators and start engaging active visitors. Let audiences experience their own story. The Age of Experience led us to new consideration in experience design. Get into your audience’s shoes, and understand how their mental, emotional and physical state impacts their experience.

Five Ideas You'll Think About

  1. New roles for authors in storytelling
  2. Experience and behavioural design
  3. Make the user's body a natural tech interface
  4. The art, science and 'magic' of world-building
  5. Audience Experience (AX) design in storytelling

Five Lessons You'll Take Away

  1. Meaning of Audience Experience (AX)
  2. Impact of immersive tech on human behaviour
  3. “Dos & Don’ts” of immersive storytelling
  4. Models of immersive tech strategy for marketing
  5. Immersive tech marketing trends

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