GenuineX – Immersive Marketing : Using AR/VR to win in the Age of Experience

VR Marketing is dead.

Christophe Mallet
Co-founder of Somewhere Else

As part of GenuineX - Jack Morton’s innovation practice built on new ways of working and collaborative partnerships, our co-founder Christophe Mallet gave a talk about Immersive Marketing and how to use AR/VR to win in the Age of Experience.


Immersive Marketing : Using AR/VR to win in the Age of Experience

During his talk, Chris looked at the evolution of the current marketing landscape such as the decline of the repetition-based model of advertising and the rise of experience-hungry millennials. Exploring 4 strategic models illustrated by case studies, Chris then showcased how some of the best brands in the world are already using immersive tech to solve those new challenges.



After the talk, Jack Morton’s team had the opportunity to try out a demo of Delicatessen”, our project for Adidas TERREX, giving them a good idea of an immersive brand activation in real-time 3D VR.

Immersive Marketing



Chris also took part in a podcast to chat more about VR and experiential marketing, why Millenials are seeking a return on experience and why Orangina is giving Chris nightmares.

Listen on Spotify or Itunes.


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