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Somewhere Else is proud to announce that Delicatessen, the virtual reality climbing experience for adidas, is in the running nominated for the VR Marketing of the Year.

Art Night continues to support projects at the intersection of art and technology. Some of the highly anticipated projects include a virtual reality piece (VR) by Miao Ying entitled Happily Contained.

Art Night is the largest, free contemporary arts festival in London. For one night each year, different areas of the city are activated by public installations, exhibitions and one-off events that explore th...

On the 21st of May, Immerse UK, in collaboration with Nesta, Innovate UK & the Knowledge Transfer Network, launched the Immersive Economy report. Here's what you need to know.

You don’t only think with your mind. Your notebook is part of your thinking. So is your pen, your smartphone - your whole environment. That’s why Immersive Tech is a powder keg, waiting for a spark.

As VR is evolving, we’re not only learning skills safely through simulations anymore. We have started to improve cognition and retention of knowledge through immersive learning environments.

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