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You don’t only think with your mind. Your notebook is part of your thinking. So is your pen, your smartphone - your whole environment. That’s why Immersive Tech is a powder keg, waiting for a spark.

As VR is evolving, we’re not only learning skills safely through simulations anymore. We have started to improve cognition and retention of knowledge through immersive learning environments.

On January 19th, the INSEEC group and CREA Business School hosted the 9th edition of CREA Digital Day. We met with international experts at the historic Théatre du Léman in Geneva for a discussion about all ...

We'll be at FITC 2018 in Amsterdam this February to share our thoughts on the immersive tech industry. Co-founder Christophe Mallet will give a talk on Immersive Tech in the Age of Experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) is going through awkward and exciting changes. VR was reborn only four years ago, after a rough start in the 1980s. You could say that VR is in its adolescence. Now that Augmented Realit...

For Virtual Reality (VR),  Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to reach mainstream adoption, we ask ourselves when - not if.

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