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Reaching new heights with adidas!, the leading business directory of VR studios,  has just published a Top 10 of their favourite VR marketing experiences over the p...

Immersive technologies are at the forefront of fundamental learning and development transformations. Let's look at the 3 value propositions of Immersive Training.

Today, virtual reality is in the perfect position to address the challenges of the training industry. VR presents us with a unique opportunity to reduce costs, minimise risk and improve knowledge transfer an...

Somewhere Else is proud to announce that Delicatessen, the virtual reality climbing experience for adidas, is in the running nominated for the VR Marketing of the Year.

Art Night continues to support projects at the intersection of art and technology. Some of the highly anticipated projects include a virtual reality piece (VR) by Miao Ying entitled Happily Contained.

Happily Contained is a contemporary art installation, and the artist's first time using VR co-commissioned by Art Night 2018, Hayward Gallery and dsl collection.

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