Everything you need to know about immersive tech and VR/AR marketing.

Who Is It For?


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Agency Creatives & Strategists

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What Will You Learn?

In this free 2-hour masterclass, you will learn how to use immersive tech and forge meaningful connections with your audience. The masterclass offers insights into the best practices of AR/VR marketing to set you apart in the Age of Experience.

  • Introduction to VR/AR
    The tech, landscape and market trends
  • The Models of Immersive Tech Marketing
    Why immersive tech matters and how it can work for your brand
  • Where’s the ROI?
    Strategic models, metrics and success stories
  • Storytelling Magic
    How to pitch good VR/AR
  • Curation of hands-on VR demos

Previous Participants

The Details

When: first Thursday of each month, from 18:00 to 20:00

Networking Drinks: from 20:00

Location: Shoreditch, London


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Somewhere Else has been helping SAGE to think through the possibilities of VR for the university market. I've been hugely impressed by Somewhere Else's ability to understand our brief and push us to think creatively about how to harness the emotional and experiential potential of VR.

Pretty amazing! The workshop was key in helping my teams understand the potential of VR for our clients, not just how to tell stories but how to deliver real results.

We invited Somewhere Else to bring one of our key clients up to speed with VR/AR and also to inspire creativity using technology. The content and live demo were thought-provoking and delivered ideas that solved some of our current challenges. A great way to inspire fresh creativity and get the desire to try new stuff!

"The guys from Somewhere Else were part of our conference in London in 2017 and it was a fantastic experience, the workshop was educational, enriching and easy to understand for a big number of attendees with maybe a basic level in VR. It was enjoyed by those with a basic and a high level because it as very interactive and they were very good speakers and teachers"

Sarah Quesada, Global Partnerships Manager Awwwards


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