Thoughtful Home How did Euronics drive sales by turning the Smart Home into a caring one?

The Brief

Smart home products make people’s lives easier. Euronics, the smart home retailer, wanted to promote the ‘smart products’ category with customers that are put off by the price tag. What’s the best way to influence behaviour? Inspire confidence and desire. To address this challenge, we examined the psychological factors that encourage the purchase of smart appliances.


Our Approach

We learned that convenience, safety, and eco-friendliness are key. Beyond the features though, it’s ultimately the experience of being in a Smart Home that sells. Wearing a dedicated Samsung Gear VR displayed in Euronics shops, the viewer gets to experience one blissful morning in the house of their dreams. The narrator’s calming voice cues an animated 360-degree film, which turns the Smart Home into a caring one.

The Results

  • 360 Mobile VR & WebVR Film
  • Translated into 7 European Languages
  • Showcased in 300+ Euronics Stores


CG Studio 3Dar

Web Development Autre Point De Vue



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