MobilServ Oil Analysis How did ExxonMobil humanise the MSLA oil analysis service to stand out at trade shows?

The Brief

ExxonMobil's cutting-edge oil testing service (MSLA) uses the latest industry practices and digital innovation to deliver unrivalled customer experiences.

We created a unique VR showcase of their service for trade shows to cut through the noise.

Our Approach

Technology isn’t the MSLA’s only selling point. It brings peace of mind. To explain the process, we visualised an oil sample’s story. From scenic wind farms to Exxon’s high-tech Rotterdam lab, we captured 360 video and used 3D motion graphics to humanise the service and bring its process to life.

The Results

  • Showcased at 10+ trade show in 5 countries to date
  • To be showcased at international trade shows until late 2019


Agency Air Brussels

Motion Graphics Two Graphics

Drone Team Top Shot

Technical Partner Autre Point de Vue

Production Partner Retinize


Corporate DNA Consulting

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