Dynamic Risk Assessment Assessing complex risk in an interconnected world.

The Brief

KPMG needed to explain its cutting-edge Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) model to staff and clients in a clear yet memorable way.

The model is complex, but its value is simple - the DRA links up interconnected factors in a new way and improves how they assess risk.


Our Approach

We enlisted Mr Andries Terblanché, the Global Lead for its Risk Assessment, to explain the relevance of Dynamic Risk Assessment in virtual reality. He greets the viewer and takes them through the history of risk, from the 1940s Bretton Woods system.

We used a archive footage to place DRA in context and rich 3D animations to illustrate how it's applied in today’s new risk landscape. We created an accessible app for Samsung Gear VR to show the 360 film, user-friendly product that’s easy to showcase.


Agency Black Label Creative

Sound 1618 Digital

CG Studio 3Dar



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