Ghost Train How did Samsung relay the spooky powers of the Gear VR headset to partners across the UK?

The Brief

Samsung wanted to demonstrate the creative potential of their first-ever mobile virtual reality headset. To inspire ambassadors to talk about the Gear VR as the first mainstream mobile headset, we gave people a walk down memory lane with a Halloween-themed ghost train VR experience.


Our Approach

Using highly detailed 360-degree animations, we recreated an iconic funfair ghost train experience. The twist? We supercharged this simple and familiar idea by programming motion-controlled chairs to respond to the drops, twists and turns of the virtual ride.

The Results

  • The experience was toured in 6 UK cities
  • Constant queues throughout the roadshow
  • Lots of screams and laughter


Agency Undercurrent

Motion Platforms Think Heavy

CG Studio 3Dar


Canal Plus

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