The Leadership Network®

Gemba® The world’s first accredited Leadership Masterclass in Virtual Reality.

The Brief

Every business wants to eliminate wasteful activity and introduce a corporate culture of operational excellence. Easy enough to implement with 100 employees but virtually impossible to achieve when thousands are operating an infinite range of tasks across different locations.

The Leadership Network®, a leading corporate training company, approached us with a clear objective: solving the challenge of achieving operational excellence through scalable executive-level leadership training.

Our Approach

We created GEMBA®, a LEAN leadership training platform in VR. This multi-user Enterprise VR platform empowers Fortune 500 companies to deploy high-level collaborative Leadership development programmes on a mass scale.

Led by LEAN leadership award-winning expert Peter Hines and featuring case studies from BMW, Boeing, Nike and more, GEMBA® offers a dynamic interactive series of simulations and problem-solving exercises: a unique learning experience that sticks!

The Results

  • GEMBA® is the world’s first accredited Masterclass in Virtual Reality
  • The platform received support from BMW & Vive


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