The Leadership Network®

Gemba® The world’s first accredited Leadership Masterclass in Virtual Reality.

The Brief

As recent polls have shown, 60% to 90% of Lean development programs fail, mainly due to the inability to carry the same level of knowledge and expertise across global organisations and making it stick.

The Leadership Network®, a leading corporate training company, approached us with a clear objective: solving the challenge of achieving operational excellence through scalable executive-level leadership training.

Our Approach

We created GEMBA®, the world's first VR lean manufacturing training program. This multi-user Enterprise VR platform provides senior executives with an exceptional tool that solves the logistical challenge of implementing high-level training on a mass scale.

Led by LEAN leadership award-winning expert Peter Hines and featuring case studies from BMW, Boeing, Nike and more, GEMBA® offers a dynamic interactive series of simulations and problem-solving exercises: a unique learning experience that sticks!

The Results

  • GEMBA® is the world’s first accredited Masterclass in Virtual Reality
  • The platform received support from BMW & Vive


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