Road to Cardiff How the UEFA enabled thousands of Champions League fans to realise their ultimate dream.

The Brief

The UEFA approached Somewhere Else whilst preparing for the 2017 Champions’ League final in Cardiff looking to increase brand fans engagement and build up excitement ahead of the final game.

We were given 2 specific objectives: bring to life the UCL's rich history and emotional intensity as well as leverage existing 360 content the UEFA had been creating for over 2 years.

Our Approach

We’ve looked at creating an exhilarating, user-friendly experience taking fans through the Road to Cardiff of their preferred team, Juventus or Real Madrid. Going through some history of the chosen team, they then get to relive some of the season’s highlights...in 360 from the sideline!

Finishing on high note, users are walking down the tunnel leading to the pitch, hearing their heartbeat, as Champion’s League history unfolds on the walls. They enter the pitch, the emblematic anthem is blasting, the cup is just there, at arm’s reach, they grab it and lift it, the crowd roars - you’ve won the Champion’s League!

The Results

UEFA is an iconic sports brand which requires best-in-class content. Across the 4 days of activation over 2,000 fans played the experience (including UEFA’s CEO). For many, lifting the trophy was a particular highlight.


3D and CG Design  3Dar

Lead Developer  Area 1

Developer  Beloudest

Sound Design  1.618 Digital

Activation & Staffing Amplify


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