VR Awards 2018 Nomination: VR Marketing of the Year

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Hussein Khalil Communications Director

Delicatessen Shortlisted for VR Awards

Somewhere Else is proud to announce that Delicatessen is in the running for VR Marketing of the Year at the VR Awards 2018. We're humbled to be part of such an impressive roster. Congratulations to our fellow nominees, and may the best VR marketing experience win!

VR Awards & VR Bound

The VR Awards recognises outstanding achievement in the VR space by providing individuals and companies with a way to reinforce, realign and re-evaluate all that has been going on within such a technically minded and facilitating industry. Its goal is to inspire, enhance and support new technology and advancements in VR, with the hope to introduce a new generation of users, young and old, by showing them the endless achievements and possibilities of VR.

VR Bound is focused and dedicated to providing resources, tools and expertise to both consumers and businesses with an invested interest in the VR, AR and MR industry. In less than one year, VR bound established partnerships and alliances with some of the biggest names in the technology industry, working with hundreds of talented individuals on an international scale.

From online hardware comparison tools, to hosting the largest worldwide awards ceremony for Virtual Reality, VR Bound has actively evolved with the industry to enhance, and support new technology and advancements in VR. On a daily basis, VR Bound moves ever closer to their mission of continually inspiring a new generation of users, young and old, by not only highlighting past achievements but future innovations to come from companies both big and small.


Art and Technology Come Together at Art Night 2018

Art Night continues to support projects at the intersection of art and technology. Some of the highly anticipated projects include a virtual reality piece (VR) by Miao Ying entitled Happily Contained. view project
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